HD Cameras

-Canon 5d Mark II

-6 Batteries

-2 Chargers

-(1) 32gb flash card, (2)16 gb flash cards

-7″ HD Marshall on board monitor

- Rode Video Mic Pro

-Bescor 70 watt LED camera light

-Zacuto Z-finder

4K Cameras 

-Red One MX


-RED 7” Monitor w/ Hoodman

-RED Cradle

-Articulating Arm

-SS RED Drive – 320GB

-(10) RED 16GB CF Cards

-(3) B4B Batteries

-DC Power Supply

-B4B Dual Charger

-B4B Hotswap Mount

-PL & EF Lens Mounts

Camera Support 

-Redrock Follow Focus w/rails and gears

-Bogen Manfrotto Fluid Head Tripod

-Davis and Sanford Monopod

-Davis and Sanford Spider Dolly

-O’Connor 50D Fluid Head w/ Standards and Baby Sticks

-Cowboy Studio Shoulder Mount


-Canon 24-70mm F2.8 lens

-Zeiss zf.2 35mm F.2 lens

-Zeiss zf.2 50mm f1.4 lens

-Zeiss zf.2 85mm F1.4 lens

-ND.3 – ND.9 for all lenses


-2000 watt Arri Fresnel / barn doors / scrims

-2000 watt Mole Richardson Fresnel / barn doors

-(2) 1000 watt Mole Richardson Fresnels / barn doors/ scrims

- Colortran 1000 watt 35 degree Leko

-750 watt Lowel Tota open face / barn doors

-(2) 650 watt Mole Richardson Tweenie Fresnels / barn doors / scrims

-650 watt Mole Richardson Teenie open face

-500 watt Lowel Omni open face / barn doors

-300 watt Arri Fresnel / barn doors

-500 watt 24” China Ball w/daylight and tungsten globes

-250 watt Lowel Rifa soft box

-250 watt Lowel Pro Fresnel Light / barn doors

**All lights above have back-up globes**


-Norms Double Riser 15′ Stand

-Mole Richardson Single Riser 8′ Stand

-(5) Lowell Baby Stands

-(2) Mole Richardson baby Stands

-(3) Mathews C-stands w/grip head & arm

-(7) 25-pound Sand Bags

-(4) 600 Watt Hand Dimmers

-Extensive gel collection (large CTO & diffusion role, steel blue, ctb, cto, and party gels 12″X12″ sheets etc…)

-(2) 24″X36″ Solids

-24″x36″ Gel frame

-24″x24″ gel frame

-(2) Umbrella Reflectors

-(2) Scissor Clamps

-6″ C-clamp w/Baby Pin

-Baby Plate


-15′ x 5′ Duvetyne

-Gaffer Tape

-Black Wrap

-(3) Cube Taps

-(4) Bulb to Eddison adaptors

-(10) 3-2 adaptors

-(5) 50′ stingers

-(5) 25′ stingers

-(8) 12′ extension cords

-(8) #2 Grip Clips

 Media Management/Post Production

-24″ 3.06 GHZ Imac w/4 gb Ram.  Equipped with Final Cut Pro 7, Avid Media Composer 3, Adobe Photoshop, DVD Studio Pro,  Apple Color, Compressor, Soundtrack Pro, and Motion.  Also equipped with M-Audio BX5a studio monitor speakers.

-13 ” Macbook

-CF Card Reader

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